Total Payment Solution

Total Payment Solution
Sinopay Group processes specialized processing systems and its payment solutions enable banks and merchants to operate cost effectively with service excellence. Our flexible end-to-end Payment Services streamline everything from completing the sales transaction to merchant support and information reporting, so bank can run it business profitably and trouble-free.

Sinopay Group provides complete processing capabilities for credit and debit or pre-paid cards. Our infrastructure can direct the transactions in seconds to the relevant and appropriate bank network for payment. With one of the most reliable networks, banks can be assured of quick connections and continuous service.

Sinopay Group is one of the leading provider of card based business-to-business payment solutions, with the broadest array of card processing and reconciliation tools in the industry. Our settlement system also provides transaction reports with the necessary data to give banks a clear picture of his daily activity.

In addition to standard reports, Sinopay Group also provides level 1 and level 2 reconciliation files that allow our clients of banks to automate the payment processes.


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