Sinopay Group is principally engaged in the provision of professional bankcard services to China Unionpay, Banks and other Financial Institutes in Malayisa, Singapore and Vietnam.Sinopay Goup is a Unionpay-approved Merchant Acquirer in Singapore and Malaysia and a Unionpay Card Issuer in Singapore and also an Unionpay-Certified Third Party Services Provider.

We own one of the fastest growing Unionpay certified Payment Infrastructure and Services Network in Asis Pacific. Currently we are either the largest or second largest operator for the acceptance of 4.7 billion UnionPay Cards in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam and issuers in Singapore. Currently we have approximately 20,000 merchants with an annual transaction of approximately 2 billion in 2015 and have issued approximately 110,000 Unionpay Cards in 2015.

Solemn Declaration

Distinguished sinopay dual-currency UnionPay card holders,

The company has recently found that some lawbreakers make illegal false promotion by sinopay dual-currency UnionPay cards issued by the company. Hereby, the company declares as follows:

1. The sinopay dual-currency UnionPay card issued by the company is an advance prepayment card in the fixed amount approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore and UnionPay Internationnal . It is bought by a card holder from any cooperating agency approved by the company for purpose of the card holder’s consumption in franchised business only; otherwise, any transaction or circulation is illegal.

2. Sinopay dual-currency UnionPay cards issued by the company are banned from being sold in China.

3. It is ascertained that illegal false promotions discovered by the company in recent days are as follows:
1) Baifund’s false promotion claiming that deposit makes money: its means is to take advantage of dual-currency UnionPay cards issued by the company to promote the so-called deposit RMB 10,000 in exchange for 10,000 points in the name of financial innovation so as to quickly make money.
2) Someone named “Guo Gang” makes illegal false promotion of “deposit by one card to make money” at Zhihu (, claiming that one will get points for rebate so long as buying dual-currency UnionPay card issued by the company by designate promotional code.
The above so-called card purchase for points, rebate, etc. clearly do not match property and purpose of the sinopay dual-currency UnionPay card issued by the company, which are false promotions of individual with ulterior motives engaged in illegal activities by virtue of dual-currency UnionPay cards issued by the company. Card holders and those concerned with the card are advised to enhance their risk awareness and keep themselves from trusting, joining or engaging in such illegal promotions so as to prevent themselves from being taken in and resulting in a loss of capital and personal credit.

4. The company hereby solemnly declares: dual-currency UnionPay cards issued by the company deem designated and approved sales partners as the only sales channel, which are banned from being resold in China. All the marketing promotions including the so-called card purchase for points or rebate are illegal false promotions. The company reserves the right to claim those individuals and organizations concerned in such online illegal false promotions to account in law.
Please confirm the company’s legitimate official website: and

Sinopay( Singapore) Pte Ltd



  • 25th July 2007July 25, 2007
    25th July 2007China Unionpay acceptance signing ceremony by Putra International College, Kolej Metro Prima, Inti International University College, Segi College, LimKokWing University and Stamford College. Witnessed by Yang Berhormat Datuk Ong Tee Keat and Embassy of People’s Republic of China. 25th July 2007.
  • 25th July 2007 July 25, 2007
  • Jan 2006 . Malaysia January 17, 2006



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